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A lot has been said about Didde presses over the years. People have praised and berated them. One thing that is certainly true is that printers Worldwide have bought a lot of Diddes. I am sure at 7500+ Didde has the largest installed web press base on the Planet. The Tandemer was their first model introduced around 1961. After that Didde collaborated with IBM and made the Apollo. Both of these presses were a huge success and Carl Didde and Don Glaser were able to build a large factory in Emporia Kansas to mass produce them. In the early 1970's the DG 175 was brought out as a larger format machine 17 1/2" wide. Then in 1979 the hugely popular Didde 860 was introduced. This machine was used widely for business forms, direct mail, and commercial web printing. The Comperfector was introduced for high quality commercial perfecting printing, and had 4 form rollers. Then came the WebCom, MiniCom, ColorTech, MVP, VIP, Didde ML, Viper, MCM, Colorform, XL900, BIC, D900, Excalibur, and the ML2000. Under the covers though these many models are basically 3. You have the chain driven Apollos and Conservers, the shaft driven in lines fixed and variable size like the 860 and VIP, and finally come the perfectors like the Comperfector and Excalibur. The basic components vary little. What Orville Dutro started with his original design in 1961 still carries on today, Diddes are simple, good performing, web presses that are low cost to buy and maintain. Sure they need a few more parts and repairs than some heavier machines, but in the end the printers that buy these machine has a very good shot at making money. And that is what it is all about, isn't it.

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Didde 11 Compupress 6 colors
Dide Compupress 11" . 50" unwind, web guide,6 print towers with tri flo dampening, center drive with turn bar, dual shaft cross perf, 2 - 3' spacer cabinets with dual station Custom Bilt plow folder ... (more info)

Didde 11 inch Compupress 4 color
Didde Compupress 11" Consists of 50" unwind, controlled infeed with web guide, 4 print units 11" x 17 1/2" with Tri-Flo dampening (recently reconditioned), center drive with turnbar, 230V 22 1/2 hp, d ... (more info)

Didde 17 Mini Com 6 color
Didde 17 Mini Com 6 color, roll to sheet with web guide, conventional dampening, clean condition, low hours, extra units available ... (more info)

No Image Available Didde 22 8 color
Didde 8-color, 22 x 17 ½ with CC1, electronic registration, reconditioned in 2004, computerized dampening system, auto ink control from the console, a low hours press at a good price ... (more info)

Didde 22 Model 860 WEB with UV
Didde Model 860 WEB with UV (8) Unit Web Roll to Sheet 22" x 17.5" INCLUDES: Martin Splicer Controlled Infeed Web Guide Turn Bar Four Water Tanks Plate Bender Center Drive with 40 HP ... (more info)

Didde 24 inch x 20 1/2" wide 4 color
Didde 4 color 24" cutoff press that is 20 1/2" wide (520mm) 1986 year, very good condition, comes with 40" rolls stand with 3" core shaft, 30hp center drive, controlled infeed with web guide, 4 offset ... (more info)

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