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Digital presses create images through several processes. The main methods are; ink jet, ion deposition, laser, & magnetographcs (Bull Nipson). The key characteristic is that the images are variable and the copy is output from a computer. This is in contrast to the traditional methods using plates.

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Kodak 5634 DI
Kodak digital press model 5634 - age approx 2004-2005 13" x 18" 23M imps, IR dryer, Strata Flo envelope feeder, auto blanket wash, auto roller wash, TIFF catcher, RIP, dismantled by Kodak, Kodak Prine ... (more info)

Kodak NexPress includes coater
Kokak NexPress - 2006 - Premier digital color press 2500. Excellent condition. Includes glossing coater. ... (more info)

OCE Arizona 250 GT
2007 OCE Arizona 250 GT 4-color, 4ft. x 8ft. UV flatbed printer, with RIP, table with vacuum hold down. Will print 172 square ft/hr in production mode and 129 square ft/hr in quality mode. 910 h ... (more info)

OCE' CS 650 DIGITAL PRESS W/ External Fiery S450 65 C Color Server Comes with 9 boxes toner ... (more info)

Pressteck Kodak 5034DI 4 color
2004 Presstek/Kodak 5034DI 4/c, 13x18,12.5 Mio. imprs, With TIFF catcher. 12 pt. ... (more info)

Presstek/Kodak 5634DI 4/color
2006 Presstek/Kodak 5634DI 4/color, 13x18, 1.3 Mio. imprs., Plate Saver option, IR dryer, auto blanket & roller wash, 12 pt. board. Under power, can demo. ... (more info)

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